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The Perfect Nature-Filled Getaway

With a serious need for a city escape and little time to spend travelling, we made our way to the small town of Killarney, Ontario. Just over an hour drive from Sudbury, Killarney Mountain Lodge is the place for a weekend retreat.

Front entrance of Killarney Mountain Lodge

As we pulled into the property, we couldn’t help but notice its surrounding beauty.  We were greeted by the friendly staff who not only made us feel welcomed, but also provided plenty of details about the property, its amenities, and the many trails to explore.

After a quick tour of the lodge, we made our way to our spacious and cozy cabin where we unpacked our belongings and took in the beautiful views from its terrace.

Room key
Bedroom in Killarney Mountain Lodge

With some time to spare before dinner, we took a short 15-minute hike on the iconic Lighthouse Trail. Perched on a large rock looming on Georgian Bay, the Killarney East Lighthouse was built in 1909 and is recognized as a Federal Heritage Building.

Lighthouse + Trail

Carrying on, we wandered around the village to take a closer look at the charming homes and quickly found ourselves embracing the intoxicating fresh smells from the trees and greenery around us. Back at the hotel, it was time to wind down with a delicious dinner while watching the sunset over the bay.

Sunset overlooking the water at Killarney Mountain Lodge


Waking up after a good night’s sleep to a beautiful view was just what we needed before embarking on the day’s adventures. We indulged in a hearty and delectable breakfast; we highly recommend the light, fluffy pancakes for a perfect start to an action-packed day.

Fueled with energy, we were happy to hop into a kayak and leisurely paddle around the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay. After two hours in the water, we were in serious need of some refueling, so lunch on the terrace while watching the boats cruise through the marina was an excellent idea.

Kayaking and other activities for Killarney Mountain Lodge

Before our next adventure, we took some time to sit on the grounds with our favourite books in hand and enjoyed the peaceful landscape that surrounded us. After a relaxing break, the Curds n’ Whey coffee shop was exactly what we needed for an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s an excellent spot to grab a sweet bite of the freshly-made muffins or cookies before heading out to the next activity.

Curds N Whey cookies
Curds N Whey
Coffee and Muffin at Curds N Whey

Ready to explore, we made our way to the Chikanishing Trail by bike, an easy 40-minute ride on the main road. Surrounded by beautiful trees and the occasional sight of wildlife, we were in awe of just how stunning this trail was. We secured our bikes at the foot of the trail and embarked on a scenic 3.5 km hike that follows the Chikanishing Creek out of Georgian Bay.

Chikanishing Creek Trail

Back on our bikes and recharged by the natural scenery, we couldn’t wait to get back to the lodge for a well deserved home-style meal. We enjoyed an exquisite vegan burger and veggie wrap followed by a mouth watering chocolate dessert at the Carousel Lounge.

Veggie Wrap

Next morning, with our bags packed and not so ready to leave, we said goodbye to this little piece of outdoor heaven called Killarney Mountain Lodge. After an amazing retreat that left us feeling rejuvenated, we can attest that a weekend at this historic property will recharge your mind, body and soul, and reconnect you with nature.

5 Tips to Make Your Children’s First Fishing Trip a Memorable One

Family fishing trips around Georgian Bay are a great way to get close to nature and make memories that will last a lifetime. But how do you plan a stress-free experience that is enjoyable for the kids and adults alike? Here are the top five tips for making your kids first fishing trip a fun and memorable occasion.

  1. Keep it short.

When you are planning a day of fishing for the little ones, be sure to schedule it according to the attention span of the youngest fishers in the group. Usually, three hours is the maximum time you should plan for your first fishing trip to avoid boredom or without risking the team becoming overly tired.

  1. Let them pack their own gear and tackle.

Many stores have pre-packaged tackle boxes designed for kids. Let your children choose their favorite color or pattern and watch as the excitement and anticipation builds before the trip. Alternatively, you could purchase an empty tackle box and let your kids fill it with your favorite tackle. Take time to explain what the various lures are used for and which ones will be best for their skill-level and the area you will be fishing. If you want to use live bait, try to catch your own. Most kids will love looking under rocks for crickets and digging up grub worms. Remember that fishing is a great way to help kids understand the circle of life.

  1. Choose the best fishing spot for kids.

Ideally, you want to find a place that is safe and not too crowded. Avoid areas that are frequented by serious anglers, as they may be less than enthusiastic with the added noise. Many beautiful spots in Georgian Bay are ideal for first-time anglers and kids. Muskies are great catches for anglers of all ages because they bite frequently, are present in large numbers, and have a delicious flavor.

Tip – Use a single hook and light line baited with worms, crickets, or small plugs.

  1. Bring a picnic lunch.

One way to ensure a memorable experience is to take along a picnic spread. Kids love eating outside next to the water. Whether your fishing has been successful, or not, it will surely have worked up an appetite.

  1. Relax and have fun.

It is rewarding to teach your kid to fish and it’s exciting to witness them reeling in their first fish. Make this a day for laughter and lightheartedness, leaving your competitive nature at home. Be sure to take lots of pictures!


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Two Killarney landmarks now have same new owner

The owners of Killarney Mountain Lodge (KML) have announced their purchase of Killarney’s Sportsman’s Inn Resort & Marina. The announcement comes on the heels of a major $18 million renovation to the Lodge property, purchased in January 2015.



The owners of Killarney Mountain Lodge (KML) have announced their purchase of Killarney’s Sportsman’s Inn Resort & Marina. Supplied photo.

The owners of Killarney Mountain Lodge (KML) have announced their purchase of Killarney’s Sportsman’s Inn Resort & Marina.

The announcement comes on the heels of a major $18 million renovation to the Lodge property, purchased in January 2015.

Holden Rhodes, who has close family ties and vacationed in Killarney growing up, said he bought the landmark Sportsman’s Inn to continue to build on his wish to make a difference in the local community.

“I’m delighted to announce the continuation of my plans to provide as much opportunity to Killarney and bring more economic benefits to the area,” Rhodes said, in a press release.

“My long-term vision is to attract more investment and people. This is not only a business investment, but also an opportunity to benefit Killarney into the future and continue to support renewed economic vitality for current and new residents.

“It’s an honour to showcase these resorts together and build Killarney’s reputation as a natural tourism destination.”

Marc Douris, manager at the Sportsman’s Inn, said he’s excited to move forward in a co-operative relationship.

“I’m delighted to announce that staff at the inn will be retained as we join the Killarney Mountain Lodge family,” he said.

“We are working closely with the management team at Killarney Mountain Lodge to ensure a seamless transition.”

Both the Sportsman’s Inn and Killarney Mountain Lodge will retain separate identities, but will work together to provide visitors will exceptional service.

The Inn will continue to be a legendary landmark destination that offers luxurious accommodations and spa treatments and Killarney Mountain Lodge, constructed as a private executive retreat in the early 1950s, is undergoing its biggest renovation in the property’s history with an $18 million renovation well underway.




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