Killarney Park


Killarney Provincial Park and the north shore of Georgian Bay are considered the most beautiful parkland in the Ontario Park system. The Park is home to one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Commonly known as the La Cloche Mountains, the ridges are composed of ancient white quartzite and date back three and a half billion years. Originally taller than the Rocky Mountains, erosion has reduced them to the unique geological forms that now characterize the Park. They are some of the oldest mountains in the Canadian wilderness. Coexisting side-by-side with the quartzite ridges are sloping red granite rocks that emerged 1.5 billion years after the quartzite. These unique formations make up most of the shoreline along Georgian Bay and the inland lakes of the Park. There are many activities in the Park to make your trip adventurous and memorable.

The Group of Seven

In the late 1920’s several members of the Group of Seven, an informal band of prominent Canadian landscape painters, discovered Killarney’s beauty in their search for; unspoiled Ontario wilderness. Frank Carmichael, Arthur Lismer, A.Y. Jackson, and A.J. Casson, all members of the Group of Seven, sketched and painted the hills of Killarney. Today these works of art represent a significant portion of the art history of Canada.

In 1964, under the urging of the Group of Seven, 4,000 square miles along the shoreline of Georgian Bay were preserved by the Ontario government as a wilderness reserve. Today, Killarney Provincial Park boasts the most beautiful lakes in Ontario. Its shimmering topaz waters, startling white quartzite ridges and rugged wilderness are waiting. Come enjoy them for yourself!

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