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Flashback In Time

In Killarney, genuine pioneer history confronts you at every turn – a settler’s jail, ancient net sheds, derelict fishing tugs, abandoned homesteaders’ clearings, orchard remnants long forgotten. Young and old alike can recite tales of living off the land – and sea, winter isolation, home medicine and mid-wives. Visitors to Killarney will be captivated as the charm of yesterday blends with the excitement of today.

The Resort With A Difference

It’s a different world up here. At Killarney Mountain Lodge we’re blessed with a spectacular environment that provides multiple opportunities for unique and exciting adventures. You’ll be enraptured by our fabulous wilderness waterways, breathtaking lake and forest back country.  Join us as we skipper you aboard our 46’ ocean-going sloop, all day sails available or perhaps chase the sunset in the evening.

Flair and Conversion

Prepare yourself for a taste sensation! Meals that taste like Grandma’s but with a soupçon of spicy flair. Steaks and ribs and all the usual dishes plus fresh local fish and salads to die for. Our chef, is a specialist with things all meals even vegetarian options – come and get converted!

Enjoy your getaway with a relaxing start to the day. Breakfast is served till 10:00am! After a satisfying breakfast you’ll be ready to explore Killarney in all its beauty. Eggs Benedict? Yours for the asking. Wild blueberry pancakes? Cooked to order. Delicious coffee? It comes in a decanter.

Wilderness Contemporary

How do we sleep thee? On the latest high-tech mattresses in our snug bed-sitting rooms and charming individual cabins. Although there are many renovations happening at the lodge the rustic charm is here to stay. There’s a private bathroom in every room. Electric baseboard heating and comfy duvets take care of chilly nights in the off-season. Cool temperatures most summer nights practically guarantee a good snooze. It’s called air conditioning au naturel.

The beauty of Georgian Bay

So what makes north Georgian Bay so desirable? Unlike the southern end of the Bay which has a lot of population, the north is quieter and has an alluring charm. At Killarney Mountain Lodge we have something that no other lodge can offer, the best of both worlds!

The wilderness end.

Where most of the territory has been set aside by the government as park and conservation area. Where they’re preserving the pristine quality of the Bay so you can come here and envelope yourself in the wonder of it all. Explore by canoe or kayak, on foot or aboard our power boats or sailboat. We like to think of all this as the “mystique” of Georgian Bay. Come and be captured by the wilderness that will leave you wanting more.

Brags To Go

Hikers beware! Sample the Chikanishing Trail or see the high country from “The Crack” and you’ll be in awe of the splendour of our Killarney country.  Sooner or later it will lead you to the ultimate challenge – a day long excursion to Silver Peak, the highest point in the La Cloche range. Rent a canoe or kayak from us, and paddle through Johnny or Bell Lake. Then to the Top! That is, after a portage and a paddle to the trail head. Afterwards, the bragging rights are yours alone.

The Canoe and You

We’ve introduced thousands of folks to the pleasures of the canoe and the kayak and the opportunity they provide to explore the interior Lakes of Killarney Provincial Park and the wilderness shores of Georgian Bay.

Like to swim in hidden lakes, in water so clear and pure it’s transparent for forty feet? Or snorkel along a magical shore, under overhanging cedars where the Small Mouth Bass try to hide? Or experience the real splendour of the silence of the Bay? Strike out on your own with the finest of rental equipment right from the Lodge itself.

Bistro Secret

The last thing most people expect to find in remote Adventure Country is an international cabaret star wowing the visitors in an upscale bistro. Well come on down in July or August and be amazed. You’ll be wild about Andy Lowe who performs Sunday – Thursday nights. His musical style? You name it, he can do it. Wanna dance? Just say the word. Got a request? Hum it, he’ll play it. We call him our secret weapon.

Starting next season we will also have live music for Friday and Saturday nights!

Killarney Park

There’s no doubt about it. Our wilderness park draws visitors by the thousands. You’d never know it, however, because they seem to disappear into the outback by canoe and trail, only to surface later on refreshed or invigorated. Those in the know frequently finish up at our cozy oasis where they’re assured of a scrumptious meal and a comfortable bed. If you’re planning an expedition into the park, remember that post-safari R & R is a tradition at Killarney Mountain Lodge.

The Reel Story

Everywhere you go they talk about catch and release. Great idea! But before you can release them you’ve got to catch them. Fishing charters and guides that know all there is to know about Killarney fishing is easily organised. Keepers, of course, are yours for the frying pan, or possibly the deep freeze, or maybe even the taxidermist. Many a giant northern, walleye or small mouth caught in Killarney waters adorn the dens of our fishing friends across North America.

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