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Team Building Activities

Companies come to Canada House to strengthen their teams by designing a retreat unlike any other.  Offering a myriad of team building activities, we are able to inspire creativity, encourage focus and create synergy for your team in a unique venue surrounded by the majestic Canadian wilderness. 

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Guests hiking Killarney shoreline


Come aboard Take ‘er Slow and take in the spectacular scenery of the North Shore of Georgian Bay as you make your way to Baie Fine. Dock at the end of this famous Northern Ontario Inland Fjord and enjoy a delicious catered picnic. From here you and your team can hike to the emerald waters of Lake Topaz where you can take a dip and view of the white quartzite cliffs of Killarney.

Duration: 6 Hours
Participants: 8-12

Guests participating in cooking class


Hungry for a new style of team building activity? Try our new Carbonara pasta recipe for building teamwork in the heat of the kitchen. Get fired up with your colleagues at this 2-hour, fast-paced kitchen competition brimming with culinary adventure and fun. Learn the basics of making dough from scratch and enjoy your fruitfulness by enjoying your fresh pasta for lunch.

Included in this event is; carbonara pasta, tossed sales & recipes to take home

Duration: 2 Hours
Participants: 8-16

Lunch & Dinner portions available.


Not too far from Killarney sits an incredible array of pink granite islands scattered throughout the north shore of Georgian Bay. Our Captain will cruise through these smooth pink granite outcrops in the majestic Take ‘er Slow vessel to Philip Edward Island with your destination - The Fox Islands. Drop anchor, hike and take in the stunning scenery while enjoying a delicious custom-made picnic lunch. Here you can kayak, swim, sketch, photograph, hike, learn the history and so much more.

Duration: 6 Hours
Participants: 8-12

Sunset over Georgian Bay


Join us on our Guided Sunset Paddle to discover the gorgeous, quiet beauty and crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay. Learn about the history of our area as you canoe or kayak through Killarney’s peaceful waters and watch the sunset over the white-tipped La Cloche Mountains.

All paddles/kayaks will have a group leader and will paddle together through the chosen route. The evening will include a stop at one of the islands with a drink/snack break along with some time to explore before paddling off. Options available for day-time paddling.

Duration: 1.5 Hours
Participants: 4-12


Teams get warmed up with a fun icebreaker to help maximize their creative energy before launching into a friendly competition, to see who can design and craft the most spectacular confection that symbolizes your theme. We start with freshly baked cakes and cupcakes that are pre-prepared, then it’s up to your team to do the decorating.
Delicious and rewarding, You Take the Cake team building is the perfect program for new or established teams to enhance camaraderie and improve team dynamics. In either case, this team building event is a delectable delight. Enjoy your desserts after you meal.

Duration: 2 Hours
Participants: 8-20


Focusing on meditation, breathwork, movement, alignment and relaxation. Classes are designed to provide a series of teachings in yoga, aimed to help build mental and physical strength, achieve body balance with postures and movements, and in acquiring skills in meditation and breathwork. Employees will learn effective and manageable tools and techniques required to sustain their learnings, long after the program ends.
Different program options available.

Duration: 2.5 Hours
Participants: 5-20
Groups over 20 can be accommodated
Activity Level: Beginner

Lund fising boat


Venture out with our local fisherman guide who knows all the right areas to catch fish. Explore the waters, rock islands and picturesque shoreline of Killarney. 

Nibbles (28')
Our 28’ Denali Pursuit sport boat features a roomy cabin with head and covered seating areas, twin V8 inboards and downriggers. Named “Nibbles”, this boat will get you there and back quickly and comfortably, whether you’re on a group fishing trip or one of our weekly excursions. 

Motor Cruise (2 hours) - 8 people maximum. 

Full Day Fishing Charter - 8 people maximum.
While the boat holds 8, only 4 may actively fish.

Family on a hike


Beginning at Killarney Mountain Lodge, the Lighthouse Hike takes you through a mixed forest of pine, red maple and the occasional spruce, over pink granite rocks and along the rugged Georgian Bay coastline. Along the way, your guide will teach you about the natural and local history of the area. This hike provides a stunning view, the Lighthouse looks out over the bay, Manitoulin Island and the boat traffic moving in and out of the Killarney Channel. Groups will also have the opportunity to enjoy all the sights, smells, and even tastes of the area with their guide.

Duration: 2-3 Hours
Participants: 5-35

Activity Level: Med


The Great Killarney Scavenger Hunt allows your group to experience a team building scavenger hunt on the shores of Georgian Bay, which provides a wonderful mix of history, nature and adventure, all of which make for excellent scavenging and team building.

While working together toward the common goal of collecting interesting information, seeking a variety of hard-to-find objects and perhaps even taking photos of themselves in a variety of locations, your group will be sure to love this out of office experience exploring the outdoors.

Please note that scavenger hunts can be designed specifically for your organizations interests for an additional cost.

Duration: 2-2.5 Hours
Participants: 10-60

Marshmallows roasting over fire


Do you enjoy roasting marshmallows to perfection before squishing them in between the ever-essential piece of chocolate and a couple of graham crackers? Collaborate with your group in the gathering and building of a glowing shoreline bonfire. Then reward your team with S ’mores on the Shores of Killarney Channel.

Duration: 1-2 Hours
Participants: 10-50

View at Killarney Mountain Lodge


Enjoy the beauty of Killarney in the winter by going off the beaten path with snowshoes. Learn how to use the equipment, then explore the area, even visiting ice caves. This activity is weather dependent and held at the discretion of the activity leader.

Duration: 2-4 Hours
Participants: Min 10 Max 30

Chef frying perch


Enjoy locally caught fresh whitefish fried up in Killarney’s largest cast iron pan in the Canadian Shield; outdoors on the BBQ, overlooking the Killarney Channel (includes fries, coleslaw). A “must do” unique experience for a lunch or early dinner.

Duration: 2-3 Hours
Participants: 25-150

View at Killarney Mountain Lodge


Drumming has been used for centuries in Africa and globally; as a means of communication, gathering community in celebration, in rites of passage, healing, ritual and for entertainment.  

Rhythmic by Nature's hands-on, interactive, educational and recreational Drumming Program will harness each participant’s creativity and individuality in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment.  Participants will engage in collaborative rhythm-based activities, be introduced to basic hand drumming technique, learn and successfully play a multi-part African rhythm and explore improvisational music making. All are welcome to participate and drums are provided by Rhythmic by Nature.

Duration: 2 Hours
Participants: 5-30

Groups over 30 can be accommodated by special request.
Activity Level:   Beginner


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