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The Resort

Pulling your suitcase along the granite slab floor, you look back at the children and smile as they giggle in heightened anticipation. Before approaching the reception desk, you pause for a moment and take in your surroundings, noting the exhilarated faces of a happy couple returning from what appears to have been a long, but enjoyable hike. Another woman passes, carrying a book in her hand. Despite the large straw hat perched atop her head, her skin has clearly been kissed by the sun. As you approach the desk, a friendly receptionist welcomes you with a warm, authentic smile. Beautiful, textured stone blankets the wall behind her, supporting glimmering white text. Killarney Mountain Lodge.  

A relaxed, historic Resort on the shore of northern Georgian Bay, Killarney Mountain Lodge is where rustic simplicity and refined elegance meet. You’ll feel at home the moment you enter, with large wood-burning fireplaces, knotted pine decor and welcoming staff setting the scene. Unwind in comfortable rooms, suites and cabins with feather-down duvet covered beds. Linger over tasty, contemporary Canadian cuisine, fine wines and craft beer while enjoying live music and entertainment. Explore Killarney Provincial Park, canoeing and hiking through the sparkling quartzite mountains made famous on the canvasses of the Group of Seven.  Welcome to Killarney.

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Musicians playing at Killarney


Killarney is proud to host a number of amazing, exciting, and varied events for our guests all season long. From incredible dining experiences, to thrilling fishing and canoeing competitions, Killarney has something for everyone, and we’re excited to make these events a part of your Killarney resort experience.

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Face painting at Grand Opening


With so much to experience at Killarney Mountain Lodge, there is an activity or adventure for each and every guest. Whether you’ve come to relax and retreat or hike and explore, Killarney Mountain Lodge is sure to provide a completely unique, full-service Canadian Wilderness resort experience.

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the swimming pool at Killarney Mountain Lodge


As a full service resort, Killarney Mountain Lodge is dedicated to providing the high-end amenities that characterize a refined Canadian wilderness lodge experience. Enjoy some quiet reading space in The Great Room, exercise at our fitness centre, sunbathe by the pool, succumb to relaxation in the sauna, or indulge your competitive side in the Resort’s Games Pavilion. Unwind at Killarney Mountain Lodge your way, each and every day.

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