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Sacred Journey Retreat

We invite you to join us for three and a half days in a stunningly beautiful part of Ontario, where the land and beings have called for us to join them in a journey of courageous and sacred emergence.
Having lived a long time under the spell of individuality, most of us believe the illusion that we are separate. The colonial order, founded on this illusion, is crumbling, and it is time to embrace the truth that we are part of a vast, interconnected web of being. We have the opportunity to co-create a very different future, participating in a collective and sacred unfolding.
During our time together, we will explore our experience of separateness and how it can shift through group process in circle, and through guided individual explorations in nature. The facilitators will draw on our extensive experience as somatic therapists as well as the practice of forest bathing and the ancient knowledges of interdependence and dialogue between human and non-human beings that are in all of our ancestral lineages. We will be supported by each other and the surrounding beings in refining our capacity to listen to the voice of the sacred that speaks to us through the myriad forms of nature.
It is our hope that we will all leave changed, more open to the ongoing wisdom offered us by all that is seen and unseen. We look forward to being with you on this journey in September. Killarney Mountain Lodge provides a delicious and healthy full meal plan as well as comfortable, beautifully situated accommodation.
All-inclusive prices for the 4 nights and 3.5 days start from $1745.07 and vary according to single or double occupancy.
Please contact Sue Guttenstein or Kristina Kyser for more information and learn how to register!

To Register (3 steps):

1. Reserve your spot by registering and paying the $150 deposit at the following link on eventbrite. Please note this deposit will only be refunded in the case that the event does not run.…/heeding-the-sacred…
2. Either Sue or Kristina will be in contact via email to give you more information about which KML accommodation choices are available. If you would like to reach out to either of them at any point, here are their email addresses:
Sue Guttenstein
Kristina Kyser
3. Once you have decided on your accommodation, you will need to provide a $500 deposit via credit card directly to the Killarney Mountain Lodge. This deposit is due by June 1st, and the contact person at the KML is Sasha Bruno, who can be reached at
If we have not registered a minimum of 10 people by June 15, then the event will not run, and you will receive a full refund of your deposit(s).

Information about event organization Sacred Journeys

What does it mean to embrace the sacredness of life? What happens when we do? When any of us begins to embrace the sacredness of life, we are pulled into journeys – both inner and outer – that bring us out of our individual histories and into relationship with the all-encompassing web of life of which we are a part. We come to understand in deeper ways that how we live matters, because our intimate relationship with the whole means that we are influenced by and are influencing its becoming. Each of our journeys will be unique and yet they will all have commonalities.
As experienced psychotherapists who each walk our own spiritual paths, we two are committed to our own explorations and becomings. We have each accompanied people into healing and health and are now called to offer workshops in collaboration with the energies that guide us – human and non-human beings, seen and unseen – as we open to the higher vibrational levels of reality to which humanity is being called.
Sue Guttenstein and Kristina Kyser
Bios for each of the members can be found right now at the following link:

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