Hike and Stay. Up to 40% off on select rooms and dates until June 30th 2021

Take Hiking to a Higher Level

Date: April 30, 2021 - June 30, 2021

Hike and Stay Packages for all hiking skill levels

Killarney offers you a chance to discover some of Ontario’s most incredible scenery. After your hike, return to a delicious dinner. Relax and sit by the fire in Carousel Lounge and listen to live music. Next day, do it all over again.

With over 11 hikes to choose from, Killarney offers the ideal home-base to get out and explore. Both Killarney Mountain Lodge and Conference Centre and Sportsman’s Inn Resort and Marina will provide the ideal combination of resort amenities and proximity to daily hikes.

Hike and Stay packages include 3 nights and 3 meals per day. Our restaurants and comfortable accommodations are the perfect antidote to a day of discovery and the physical challenge of a day’s hike.

Some of the highlights and options

    • 3 nights, 3 meals per day and as many hikes as you can hike.
    • Perfect for Solo | Couples | Families | Groups
    • Option to pack your lunch for you. Alcoholic beverages available for take out.
    • Over 11 hikes to choose from. Consult with our Concierge or Activities Manager to find out more and plan your hikes. Download the AllTrails app for your phone.
    • Please feel free to take advantage of all our resort amenities, complimentary watercraft, heated pool, sauna and Registered Massage Therapy.

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