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Killarney, Ontario

The forest is full of music; as you walk, you listen to a medley of crunching leaves, chirping birds and whistling wind. Letting your backpack slip to the ground, you pause to catch your breath. You scan the sights, reflecting on the sacred places that have remained untouched by modern life, some untouched by humans at all. Your guide, an experienced hiker and Killarney local, describes the area’s history as you steadily make your way down the trail. The trees whisper stories of fur traders, travellers, folklore and art. Curiosity peaked. 

About Killarney

Located on the Northern shore of Georgian Bay, Killarney Ontario is characterized by its rugged landscape and rich history. Named after the town of Killarney in Ireland, the area was first settled in 1820 by French Canadian fur trader, Étienne Augustin de Lamorandière and his Anishinaabe wife, Josephte Saisaigonokwe. The couple established a trading post named Shebahonaning (Anishinaabemowin for “canoe passage”), sparking the development of what is now the township of Killarney. 

Breathtakingly beautiful, Killarney is a popular Canadian tourist destination for those with a soft spot for nature. The area’s expansive pine forests, pristine rivers and lakes, glimmering pink granite and white-tipped La Cloche mountains attract travellers from all over the world. Famous for inspiring the work of legendary Canadian artists, The Group of Seven, Killarney has a majestic beauty that captures the heart of all those who visit. 

Killarney is home to over 1,500 square kilometres of wilderness, the small township and, of course, the world-famous Killarney Provincial Park. Nestled between the mainland and George Island, the township of Killarney is a quaint hamlet, perfect for exploration by foot or by bike.  

Explore Killarney

The Killarney area may be small, but the possibilities for exploration are endless! Killarney Mountain Lodge has compiled a list of popular activities and beloved Killarney landmarks outside the lodge that all visitors should experience during their stay. For more information on the activities, excursions and experiences offered by and within Killarney Mountain Lodge, explore our Waterfront and Resort pages, or contact us directly.  

Pair of hikers pose on a Killarney cliffside

Local Hiking

Killarney Provincial Park is home to some of the most coveted lookouts in Ontario! Explore the many glorious hiking trails in the area. Don’t forget your camera— there are some iconic views you’ll want to remember!

The Crack Trail
Granite Ridge Trail
The Chikinashing Trail
Lumsden Lake Trail
Silver Peak Trail

For more information on the countless opportunities for exploration in Killarney Provincial park, follow the link to the Ontario Parks 

Sportman's Inn marina

Sportsman’s Inn

A popular docking destination for both national and international boaters, Killarney Mountain Lodge’s sister property, the Sportsman’s Inn, offers an experience that is uniquely their own. Offering acclaimed dining, hotel style accommodations, a beautiful marina and modern amenities, the Sportsman’s Inn is the perfect place to relax and indulge throughout the year.

Herbert's Fish and Chips

“World’s Best Fish and Chips”

Herbert’s Fisheries is a Killarney born, family run business. Each day, local fishermen bring in their catch to feed the hungry crowds. Enjoy battered and deep fried whitefish, hand cut fries and homemade coleslaw. Named by Canadian Living magazine as one of the Top 10 Fish and Chip Restaurants in Canada, Herbert’s Fisheries is renowned both nationally and internationally.

Pair of kayakers on the water

Paddle Board, Canoe, and Kayak

Complete canoe and sea kayak trip planning and outfitting, Killarney Outfitters will take the hassle out of planning a trip. Their convenient and personalized all inclusive outfitting packages are ideal for those who enjoy self-guided wilderness adventure. They provide high quality canoes and kayaks, top gear and equipment, thorough and detailed planning, and delicious, healthy well-balanced wilderness menus.

View of Lake Topaz

Swim in Topaz Lake

Surrounded by white quartzite cliffs, the picturesque lake is crystal clear, shimmering with turquoise and sapphire hues. Although Topaz Lake is only accessible by paddling, portaging, boat cruise or an 11km hike, the scenic lake along the Baie Fine fjord is well worth the journey.

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