*Please note we are not currently offering our Sailing Program for the 2020 season and have reduced some of our activities. Contact us for more information.

Taking his tiny hand in yours, you walk side by side down the boardwalk, listening to the chatter of seagulls and the wind whistling through the trees. His eyes, bright with wonder, widen at the sight of the boats bobbing in the water. 

You can’t help but laugh at his excitement as friendly Captain Mark and First Mate Juliana welcome him aboard the Stormy Night. The large sail boat skates out onto the open water and a soft breeze tickles your face. Wrapping your arms around your boy, you look out onto the blissful Killarney landscape. A moment to treasure.

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The Resort provides informational brochures and weekly calendars detailing opportunities for group fishing, boat rentals, guided hiking tours and much more.

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The marina provides boating guests with the option of either longer term or overnight docking (up to 125 feet).

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Boathouse Boutique

Clothing, keepsakes and trip essentials line the walls of this beloved Killarney shop.

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From captained tours, regattas, boat rentals or sailing instruction, toss off the dock lines and set sail for an experience you will never forget.  

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Our guides offer different durations of trips incorporating local wilderness attractions to create the adventure you’re looking for.

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If you’re looking for a specific catch, our guides can take you to some of their secret fishing spots to help in your pursuit.

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