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The Resort offers bareboat rentals for those with prior sailing experience. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. If required, personal tour guides, a Captain and/or crew can accompany you to provide support and knowledge of the area.  

* All prices are in CAD and are subject to applicable taxes.

*All rentals include a mandatory 15 minute introduction with an Instructor

*Captains/Instructors are available for an additional $30 per hour

*Bareboat rentals are subject to a damage deposit

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J22 sailboat on the water


The name “J Boat” is recognized in sailing communities around the world. This 22 footer packs a lot into a small package! With a fixed keel and large rudder, the boat has incredible responsiveness while still offering a stable and safe sailing platform. One of the most desirable attributes of the J22, beyond its sailing characteristics is the spacious cockpit which can comfortably accommodate 4 adults. Below deck, you will find a simple, but adequate cabin for spending the day out on the water. From the hardcore racer to the novice just getting started, the J22 is perfect for exploring the water and creating memories.

Maximum of 4 people; 1 person rentals must be accompanied by a Captain
*3 hour rental (9am-12pm): $199
*6 hour rental (10am-4pm): $349

Laser sailboat on the water


There is a reason why this boat design has been sailing since 1969. Compact, fast, simple and strong, this boat can be sailed by a single adult or two children. With just a mainsail to focus on, your sailing skills will progress quickly. Appealing to both the racer and leisure sailor, Lasers are sure to provide hours of fun on the water.

Maximum of 2 people
*1 hour rental: $39
*3 hour rental: $99

Pico sailboats on the shore


“Picos” in one word: versatile! Don’t be afraid to jump aboard, even if you’ve never sailed before. These 11.5’ durable, open concept boats are a great starting off point for sailors just learning the ropes. Offering ABS construction, the Picos boats are easy to navigate, comfortable for newcomers of all ages and can be sailed by one adult or two children. Our knowledgeable sailing instructor will happily teach you the skills necessary to get you started on your Killarney sailing experience.

Maximum of 2 people
*1 hour rental: $39

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